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Client: CIBC
Project: employee career planner
Employer: DP&D Communications

The three-part Complete Career Planner was produced by CIBC Human Resources. The financial services industry is always changing, and CIBC believes that active career planning is the best strategy for an employee to prepare for the new demands of the workplace.

Preparing for Tomorrow … Today is a magazine-like brochure that helps employees know themselves and their industry better, and provides them with job search tools.

Self Discovery: The Product is You is a workbook that helps employees discover new ways to enrich their employment, determine where they want to go, and plan how to get there.

Learning Matters is a product catalogue that provides detailed lists of learning tools in various formats.

Like a cyclist starting out on a road trip, planning your career means being prepared and being ready for detours along the way. The illustration of the cyclist is a common visual element that unifies all three pieces graphically.

Project participation:
• Design and layout
• Ongoing one-on-one status meetings with client

• Production

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