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Client: FedEx
Project: FedEx Authorized Ship Centre program
Employer: Emerson

FedEx has a North America-wide network of retail environments called FedEx Authorized ShipCentres — or, as FedEx calls them, FASCs. Recently, Emerson completed a long-term kit for FASC managers. The kit was designed to assist FASCs in building their customer base, providing one-stop customer convenience with the full range of FedEx shipping solutions and resources.

The multi-piece FedEx Authorized ShipCentre Program kit featured: a poster, a window-cling sign, labels, a laminated tabletop services reference chart and a detailed Reference Guide.

Sampled here on tombranded.com in French, the entire kit was produced in both English and French for Canadian FASCs.

When designing for a global brand, compliance with design standards is a necessity; the FASC program was no exception. All pieces of the kit were designed with brand standards in mind. The Reference Guide employed a standard FedEx-approved grid, fonts and images selected from the extensive FedEx online photo library.

Project participation:
• Concept and design
• Image research
• Ongoing PDF proofing with client (via Emerson's senior account manager) and FedEx's translator
• Submit PDFs to FedEx Global Brand Management for their review of print literature guideline compliance

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