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FedEx newsletter one

Client: Federal Express Canada
Project: employee newsletter
Employer: Emerson

FedEx believes their brand is their greatest competitive advantage. Rated one of the top global brands* in the world, FedEx is vigilant in upholding its integrity. From vehicle graphics to print communications, staying ‘on brand’ is a requirement.

Internal communications employ the same branding guidelines as external advertising. The Canadian employee newsletter, for example, has standardized grid, font treatment, and logo positioning. There are also guidelines for image selection and ‘voice’ guidelines for written content. The designer has to creatively work within these standard elements so the company can effectively communicate with its employees across Canada while maintaining a healthy brand.

Project participation:
• Design and layout
• Image selection and editing from FedEx’s online stock image library
• Proof copy for FedEx voice compliance
• Work with FedEx translation department to produce the French equivalent
• Ongoing PDF proofing with client and applying changes/alterations
• Production
• Submit PDFs to FedEx Global Brand Management for their review of print literature guideline compliance

*Interbrand Best Global Brands 2008 rankings

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