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FedEx Rates cover one

Client: Federal Express Canada
Project: annual rates guides
Employer: Emerson

FedEx makes shipping easy. And the annual Rates Guides for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground deliver essential up to date service information in small-format booklets in both English and French for the Canadian marketplace.

Simplicity and immediate access to information are the highest priorities for the publication of shipping rates. Following a grid structure, employing rule lines, varying font sizes and weights and using colour bars are the main tools for establishing a clearly understood hierarchy of copy and data.

Each Rates Guide cover has been distinctly different while remaining strictly on brand. A two-column x three-row grid is divided by thirds. In these samples photographic imagery and colour bands occupy each third. Or in the case of the 2008 Rates Guide, one single dynamic image fills all three thirds of the layout. The goal of all FedEx print literature is simplicity in design, but the covers for the Rates Guides provide the opportunity to be creative within the design standards.

Since 2009, the annual Rates Guides have been published as online PDFs on fedex.ca. Same overall grid and layout — new cover designs, naturally — but strictly electronic. See the online Rates Guides here.

To see an exploration of the 2011 FedEx Express and FedEx Ground Rates Guides covers from sketch form to online PDF, click on the thumbnail below:

Project participation:
• Concept and design
• Image research
• Production for both English and French versions
• Ongoing PDF proofing with client (via Emerson's senior account manager) and FedEx's translator
• Submit PDFs to FedEx Global Brand Management for their review of print literature guideline compliance

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