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Client: Emerson Group
Project: self-promotion
Employer: Emerson

Like many integrated communications companies, Emerson Group felt the need to refresh its identity. Known among their clients simply as ‘Emerson’, this typographic approach for their wordmark is modern and clean — all lower-case letters with no ascenders or descenders to upset the balance.

Cards in a ‘deck’ bound inside an open-ended envelope highlight Emerson’s strengths and offer case studies. Designed for flexibility, case studies can be removed or added to the deck to reflect a potential client’s interest.

Each card in the deck is brightly coloured and features a strong photographic image inspired by the title. So, the card featuring details about Emerson’s ‘Partnerships’ with its clients is illustrated by an image of salt and pepper shakers. The card titled ‘Creativity’ features a bottle and a glass of milk to indicate fresh and creative!

The updated stationery builds on the same visual style with colourful business cards and a simple but modern letterhead.

Project participation:
• Concept and design
• Image research
• Production

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