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Client: FedEx
Project: service guide PDF
Employer: Emerson Design

FedEx posts their service guide electronically as an interactive PDF. The guide, generally updated on a bi-annual basis, is a resource for users to get answers to questions about FedEx services and learn about delivery options. The guide’s layout follows FedEx brand guidelines for layout, image use and typography.

The service guide’s transformation from print, to compact disc, to digital has resulted in a PDF that allows users to click directly from the PDF to
fedex.ca Web pages that describe in more detail FedEx services and terms and conditions.

The 61-page service guide is structured in three parts: the service guide proper and terms and conditions for both FedEx Express and FedEx Ground services. Easy page-by-page navigation links allow users to click to one of three tables of contents for direction to greater detailed information.

To see the actual on-site 2015 FedEx Service Guide, click here.

Check out this visual timeline of the FedEx Service Guide transformation from print, to CD to interactive PDF.

Project participation:
• Design and production
• Apply ongoing changes and alterations
• Convert layout to PDF
• Join all links in PDF
• Build corresponding French document

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