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Client: Walt Disney World Resorts
Project: double-page spread newspaper ad
Employer: Emerson

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is a magical place — it's where dreams come true. You can be a kid again. Mickey Mouse and his friends love Canadians; they escape to Florida every year for the warmth of the tropical breezes and the delight of the Disney experience.

But Walt Disney World (WDW) isn't the only attraction drawing the interest of fun-seeking visitors. Florida's abundant playgrounds of fun, endless beaches and ports-of-call for adventures at sea all seek to draw the interest of visitors. Walt Disney World's marketers must build and maintain top-of-mind interest of Canadians with strong advertising and marketing messaging to newspaper readers across Canada.

In fall 2013, WDW embarked on a new campaign to draw new and repeat visitors to their resorts. The 'Play. Stay. Dine. And Save' message targeted families, offering substantial savings on accommodation, dining plans and a multitude of immersive, can't-miss attractions. The double-page ad appeared in The Globe And Mail and The Toronto Star.

Under a tight deadline, two initial designs were offered to the client (seen above in the first and second thumbnails). Once approved, one design was built; copy and imagery were updated, tweaked, changed, and changed again. Facing publication insertion deadlines, artwork for each publication was prepped for production and uploaded to their respective Web sites.

Seeing the ad in print, my weekend Globe And Mail was particularly satisfying: it looked great.

Project participation:
• Design

• Production
• Upload PDF artwork to publication Web sites

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