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Client: St. Andrew's Church, King St. Toronto
Project: new brand identity
Employer: Volunteer opportunity

A congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC), this historic church was founded in 1830. It is the oldest church in the denomination in Canada. A few blocks from Canada's corporate leaders at King & Bay, near historic theatres and bustling King St restaurants, St. Andrew's is a new neighbour to a fast-growing vertical community of condominium residents.

The Communications Ministry of St. Andrew's Church reviewed its existing communications situation and determined a new strategy was necessary. Among other growing concerns to this volunteer group, like connecting with social media to all of the people in those condos, was the apparent need to develop a new brand identity. The result was the creation of a branding subcommittee, tasked with creating and implementing a new communications visual language for the church.

The new identity embraced the ancient and historic visual reference of the Scottish saltire, but updating it for contemporary applications that would connect with an emerging urban community that are media- and brand-smart. While at the same time, the identity is familiar to good Scotts Presbyterians.

The new logo is adaptable — applied in multiple colour combinations in corporate applications, common usage situations, ministry organization charts and multiple secondary uses for groups under the roof of the congregation. The brand identity tool kit of logos is also accessible online to user groups; thus building a brand consistency when new communications needs are required.

The new identity is rolling out over 2015; it has already been applied to promotions for special events, concerts, Advent services — in posters, banners, online banner ads and in the new order of service Sunday morning bulletin.

Project participation:
• Serve as a member of the branding subcommittee
• Research and concept development
• Production of all logos
• Ongoing development of new creative for communications materials

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