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Client: Western Christian College
Project: student recruitment brochure
Employer: Emerson

Western Christian College, in Regina, Saskatchewan, is a privately-funded faith-based school. Western Christian also welcomes younger teenagers to Western Christian High School. Both institutions required updates to their existing student recruitment products. Being privately funded, Western Christian relies on several financial supports - student enrolment and tuition being one of the most important contributors.

For their College brochure, the client's theme was 'Be The Change': Empower young adults to increase knowledge through academic instruction; live through personal development; serve through hands-on ministry; and connect spiritually.

With a small trim size — only 8.5" x 5.5" — consideration for the type and photography treatment was particularly important. Client-supplied imagery was treated with borders and shadows - in an attempt to personalize the brochure's objective to welcome new students. Text is minimized and kept to short length — supported by testimonials. The colour scheme is based on the college's corporate colour palette. A subtle warm neutral background also appears in the Western Christian High School brochure — along with a similar font/typographic treatment to maintain continuity between both documents, yet express individuality and energy for each school.

Project participation:
• Design and layout
• Image selection and editing from online stock image site
• Extensive Photoshop enhancement of client-supplied photography
• Ongoing PDF proofing with client and applying changes/alterations
• Production

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