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Client: FedEx
Project: introductory new customer brochure
Employer: Emerson

Originally produced traditionally on press, the FedEx new customer Welcome brochure was printed over the course of several years, updated annually with new copy and imagery. Since 2008 the Welcome brochure has been posted electronically in PDF format on fedex.ca.

The electronic version underwent significant updates in 2010. A revised page format, new imagery, extensive copy changes were all part of the update. Importantly, the 20-page PDF became interactive with many hyperlinks joining the body copy of the Welcome PDF directly to the fedex.ca Web site. This function allows new FedEx users to gain a brief introduction to FedEx services in the Welcome PDF, but also to click to much more extensive information about FedEx tracking services and solutions and online shipping tools right on their Web site.

Both print and electronic versions of the FedEx Welcome brochure comply with FedEx brand standards. From grid use and font treatment to voice compliance, both documents reflect the high standards set by FedEx for projecting their brand in the marketplace.

To download and view the electronic version of the FedEx Welcome PDF from fedex.ca, click here.

To view samples of the original print version of the FedEx Welcome brochure, click here.

Project participation:
• Implement all new design and copy requirements
• Image research
• Production and linking for both English and French PDFs
• All linking from PDF to fedex.ca Web pages
• Ongoing PDF proofing with client (via Emerson's senior account manager) and the FedEx translator
• Submit PDFs to FedEx Global Brand Management for FedEx visual and voice compliance

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